What are the pros and cons of Aetna Medicare supplement?

How does this insurance plan work?


There are different private financial and insurance companies that provide all these supplement plans. Each month Aetna Medicare supplement plan is likely to offer some fixed amount of money to the private insurance company and that company is supposed to take care of all the additional health expenses and costs that come under this insurance plan.

This supplement plan basically comes with different kinds and benefits. Nevertheless, it is highly likely to vary for some reasons or others. Some of the different types of this plan are:


  • MSA or Medical Savings Account.
  • Health Maintenance Organization Point-of-Service.
  • Special Needs Plan.
  • Private-Fee-for-Service
  • Preferred Provider Organization.
  • Health Maintenance Organization.


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There are plenty of benefits of Aetna Medicare plan that you are supposed to avail. Some of the benefits are described below.


  • If you go for other insurance plan, then you are required to pay some fixed amount of money as the monthly premium. But things are completely different with Aetna supplement plan. There are many companies that provide you this supplement plan in which you do not need to pay any kind of premium at all and yet all the benefits of this plan.


  • Beyond the benefits provided by the original Medicare plan, there are various additional benefits you are supposed to get if you avail supplement plan. These additional benefits are never supposed to be covered by the Part A and B. Some of these coverage is vision care coverage, dental care coverage etc.


  • Each of these plans is there to come with the maximum out of the pocket limit on how much you are to spend on various health problems every year. Once the limit is reached, you will not have to pay anything at all to get the coverage. Every Medicare supplement plan may have different and distinct limit. Nevertheless, this amount may change every year for some reason or other.


Cons of Supplement Plans


There could be some cons of this supplement plan. These cons could be better considered as restrictions.


  • The specifics of a certain supplement plan are likely to depend on the company that provides you the insurance plan. Hence, the plan may need higher out of the pocket expenses than with the original Medicare plan.


  • The co-payments, benefits and premiums basically change each year.


  • The supplement plan has annual contracts with the Medicare and they choose not to renew the contract further.