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Many seniors may find some health problems as they age. Some of these health concerns may not be prevented, but we can do things to help keep them at bay. One important thing to be aware of is the health of our teeth. There are many ways to accomplish this to have a better life in the future.

Eating healthy whole foods without added sugars is an important point to be taken seriously. Sugar has been known to accelerate the growth of bacteria, so this should be a great concern for the aging person. We find that seniors tend to not eat as well or drink enough fluids to maintain a healthy body.

The best thing to drink is water with some lemon. This fluid is not acidic and helps the body, as well as the teeth, to stay healthy. Sugary, caffeinated drinks consumed in great quantiles can cause havoc on the body. Hydration is very important in the elderly and everyone needs to drink all day long especially in the warmer months.


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Another practice one should have is brushing the teeth twice a day. Many seniors will find their gums have receded and pockets may develop. Food can linger in these pockets and bacteria will grow and make the gums very sensitive and may increase an infection to grow. Brushing often will help keep this from becoming a problem, as well as, keeping the breath fresh. Plaque will grow rapidly if the teeth are not cleaned regularly. This too can loosen the teeth and cause other problems for the senior. There are many good toothpastes that will help clean the teeth properly. One must do their daily brushing to keep their teeth healthy.

Another good practice for keeping a healthy mouth is visiting a dentist twice a year. They can help see any problems you may have and help to take care of them before they accelerate into something more serious. Having healthy teeth can also help ward off diseases. Keeping plaque away will keep the bacteria from settling and causing problems as time goes by.

As we age, our bodies are slowing down and changing every day. We need to be on top of our health to live a longer, healthy life. Eating good foods, brushing our teeth regularly and exercising each day will help to make our lives so much more worry free about our health.