AARP Medicare advantage-making our lives better

Everyone in the 21st century should definitely apply for one these plans because , medical emergency can knock at your door anytime, so it’s better to take precaution from before . a person should choose such a plan which should meet all his  medical needs. The ultimate aim of AARP Medicare advantage is to make sure that your Medicare advantage plan is working well for you. This plan basically works with united health care  . The major work of this plan is to include all the plans necessary for your good health and put inside one plan , so that you don’t have to run about for individual plans.

medicare advantage plans in 2019

Secondly they also introduce you to programs which add benefit to your life. They help you to lead a happy and healthy life. The best part of this plan they do not ask for any exam which needs to be given physically for enrollment. Plus they also cover the old plans.

The salient features of this plan and information is located at

The cost of this plan is negligible, the patient needs to pay zero dollars for the monthly plan which will also include  Medicare part b plan. The best feature of this plan is that they provide the assistance of co-pay  for other medical work like hospital and doctor visits.  They also arrange for extra programs like flu or regular health check  up on an yearly basis. They  charge zero dollar co-pay for this. These checkups protect one’s body from viral fevers and regular flu’s. They provide immediate service in case of health emergency.

Eye care treatment is also included within this plan along with hearing aid coverage. Along with eye care check up  they also provide the cost for eye wears.  Some old people are not financially strong to buy medicines on a regular basis, in that case this plan also supplies the required medicines. The medicines for some particular disease is supplied. They also provide 24*7  service for well trained nursing staffs for old and weak patients. Apart from all these benefits this plan does not cover any other facilities.


Thus we can conclude that this is the best plan among the rest of the plans and everyone should definitely apply for this plan  because it only takes care about your financial status but along with it  they provide assurance for better health for all its customers.